October 9, 2016


We are really excited to have you all join us on this very special day! We welcome you to enjoy some of the best food, drink and company that DC has to offer, all in honor of our commitment to one another.


· We've reserved 20 discounted hotel rooms nearby, so visit the Accommodations page to make your reservations!

· Check out the Map/Directions page to get your bearings before you arrive for the event.

· Attire: wear somewhere along the lines of "Rustic Fall Casual Cocktail." Classy and seasonal, but comfortable. It's a party, after all!


Our Story

We met through a mutual friend and initially both had misgivings about one another. Ben thought I was an out of control wild child. I thought Ben was a little standoffish. These feelings were very short lived.

We began to spend some time with each other in the summer of 2011. I had heard about the Big Hunt wing night and asked if Ben would like to go together sometime. We spent that summer getting to know one another. Ben would come visit me while I worked at Sova and I would come to his place in DuPont Circle. We both shared a love for movies, good food, friends and family.

What was a casual friendship slowly evolved into a deep love for one another. Ben is the kindest man I've ever known and I definitely keep him on his feet. Ben's family, many of whom live much closer to us than my own, have become my family; an extended group full of love and support for us both. We've made friendships together, sharing a group of wonderful friends who share our lives with us.

We've made many memories with one another. We traveled to Maine in August of 2014, my first time seeing the state that Ben loves so much. I reintroduced Ben to the raw bar again, thus beginning our shared addiction to oysters. We've spent many nights at Pennlyn with our friends, celebrating, relaxing, playing games and just taking time out from the city. We've also been there for each other through some rough times, but we've come out on top.

We look forward to making more memories with you, sharing our commitment to one another with you and celebrating the life we plan to build with each other.